Rejection Day 3

Be a Sign Spinner:

This rejection wasn't fully planned. Scottie and I were driving around looking to find a fire station (which you will see in a later rejection). We drove past a buy spinning a sign for a nearby apartment looking to rent out more rooms. We pulled over and decided that we would ask if he'd like me spin the sign.

We introduced ourselves to him and he told us that his name was Adam. He explains that he isn't legally allowed to train people, but he'd show me how to spin the sign! He just asked that we didn't record me spinning the sign so we cut that out of the recording. He was pretty good at spinning and says he works 6 hours shifts so it's a massive workout for his arms. He also told us that it doesn't use ties on his boards which makes it a more difficult level of spinning and when the wind hits, the board often flies in his face.

Since you didn't get to watch me spin the sign, I'll give you the 411 on it. I was really bad it! He had to show me a few times how to properly place my hands. It's a really hard job, so be sure to smile and wave when you drive past someone sign spinning as I bet it'd make their day!

I was surprised that this actually wasn't a rejection and glad that we pulled over to attempt this one!