Rejection Day 2

Rejection #2: Have A Hula Hoop Contest at Target

I was definitely a 5/5 on the nervous scale about doing this rejection challenge. Truthfully, I had wanted to buy the hula hoops and then be using them outside. I had figured that'd be an easier entry point to ask someone to have a hula hoop contest with me. But the whole point of doing a rejection challenge is not to make things easier, but rather to push through the hard and awkward. 

When we got to target, we went straight to finding the hula hoops, which proved harder than we thought it would be! I even debated using the call system to have someone help us, and then ask them to the hula hoop contest. But then again, that's the easier way out. 

Scottie and I circled the store a few times looking for the ideal person or employee to ask. She finally called me out all on the stalling I was doing after our fourth trip around the store. There were two different kinds of hula hoops, so I finally got up the courage to ask an employee named Malcolm, the difference between the two. I'm fairly positive that he thought I was messing with him as he told me they were simply different brands and colors.

Then I asked if he'd have a hula hoop contest with me, to which he said sure. We did a few rounds of hula hooping. He then got called to help restock something, but told us we'd be back. We waited around for about 5 minutes and then had a second round of the hula hoop contests. I thanked him for participating in my craziness and being so willing! He told me that he had such a blast, and that he would have a smile on his face for the rest of the day!

I'm really grateful that Target employees someone like Malcolm. He went above and beyond in customer service, and proved that you can have fun at work. There needs to be more Malcolms in the world!