Rejection Day 4: Decorate a Cookie Cake in The Store

I used to love baking as a child, so I wanted to be sure to include something related to sweet treats in my rejection challenge. Scottie and I headed to Harris Teeter to see if they would let me decorate my own cookie cake. When located the cookie cakes and then attempted to find someone that we could ask the question to.

I originally asked the girl in the bakery and she directed me over the cake designer, Kelly. If you watch the video you can see her and I go back and forth. I ask her if I can ice the cake myself, in which, she tells me that I need to buy the icing. So I tell her, I'd happily do that. I think we may of had a small breakdown of communication over what happened next! She puts the green icing into a box, and hands me a cake decorating bag. There isn't really a place in Harris Teeter where we could then use the icing bag and decorate the cookie cake ourselves. 

I would consider this a half no, half yes, since we didn't fully complete the mission at hand. But, we also didn't get a flat out no. Scottie and I came home and decorated the cake ourselves and called it a win!