Rejection Day 1:

I decided that for the first rejection challenge that I would see if someone would let me make my own smoothie. It felt a bit crazy and I was really nervous. I actually made sweet Scottie (who is onboard to film the whole thing) walk around with me outside before I got the nerve up to do it.

I had never been to smoothie King so it gave me a bit of time before having to make the ask. Although, I made it very clear up front that I had a random request. After I selected my smoothie choice, I basically blurted out that I wanted to make the smoothie. Karen, who was running the cash register, started to explain about health violations and why she couldn't let me. She truly felt bad that she had to reject me. I explained the challenge to her, and she was so sweet about the whole thing. 

At the end, she was super curious about the whole process, and wanted me to come back in and let her know how things went.

Overall, it was not a terrible rejection and I learned some laws about health code violations!