Rejection Day #30: Do a Handshake with a Stranger

This rejection challenge was probably one of my most awkward ones. I decided that I would see if a stranger would do a random handshake with me. It felt a bit more uncomfortable, but I was hoping that someone would humor me and say yes. I was walking downtown and this guy gave me a peace sign and asked me how I was doing. I thought to myself: "perfect, he's already talking to me!" So, I asked him if he'd do a handshake with me and he gave me a big ole' no! 

I was slightly surprised because he was so open and friendly! But lesson learned that you can't assume people will say yes just because they are overly friendly and kind. It made me realize that you never know if or when someone will say yes or no. You just have to go for!

Rejection Day #29: Help Restock Shelves

This rejection challenge took an interesting turn. I went over to Whole Foods to ask if I could help restock a shelf. They asked me why, so I told them I was doing acts of kindness. I felt a little bit bad because that wasn't the full truth. But I speak on kindness and fear is the reason more people don't do acts of kindness, so this rejection challenge was a catalyst as a result. April, who we asked, went and got a manager. The manager explained that we had to be employed in order to be restocking since we could get hurt on the job. 

They offered to let me bag groceries instead. It really made me think about this concept that some times a no turns into something else. They didn't flat out tell me no, but said: no, but you can do this instead. We, too often, get tunnel vision that we can't see anything outside of that one main goal, that we miss out on other opportunities.

I wasn't bummed at all that it was a no. I was grateful for the lesson I learned in the middle of it!

Rejection Day #28: Help Wash Dishes at Restaurant

My friend came up with this challenge, and decided that I should try and see if I can be helpful and wash dishes in the back of a restaurant. We headed to the downtown area where we live. I went in and immediately asked the lady working the cashier. She asked if we were part of a scavenger hunt, which is a good idea! We told her that we weren't. She gave us a very rehearsed no wrapped up with a thank you for offering.

It made me realize that they must get asked this question a lot during scavenger hunt! It was the same issue as laws with food regulations. But I appreciated how kind she was when giving us the big fat no!

Rejection Day #27: Scoop Ice Cream

Anyone who knows me personally or follows me on social media knows that I LOVE ice cream. I have an unhealthy relationship with ice cream and eat it more than the average person. I can't eat bread and gluten, so ice cream is my everything. I had always wanted to work at an ice cream shop and missed that opportunity during my teen years! So, when I was brainstorming this challenge, I knew I would ask if I could scoop my own ice cream. I figured it may be a no simply because there are food laws about going behind counters. I asked the guy working, and he literally laughed at me, like it was a crazy question.

It taught me that sometimes our requests can come across as crazy to an outsider. But that we should keep going after our dreams, even if they seem out there in left field.

Rejection Day 26: Ride in AT&T Bucket

I have a huge fear of heights so this challenge was a bit out of my comfort zone! I didn't actually want to ride in an ATT&T bucket so I was glad how this challenge turned out. We walked past a bunch of AT&T trucks and decided to see if I could ride in the bucket part of it. They told us a very fast no. But they did say that in the past it used to be an option, but laws had shifted and changed over time.

I was grateful to not have to go high into the sky, but bummed to have been given a no!


Rejection Day #25: Do Rock, Paper, Scissors Contest

I used to LOVE doing rock, paper, scissors contests when I was a child. My big sister and I would do countless contests when we were on road trips. So, this was an opportunity to put my skills to the test. We went into Wendy's and ordered food. We started up a conversation with the cashier. She was telling me about getting her braces off and how weird and great it felt! 

Then I asked if she'd be willing to do a contest with me, and she said yes! I think she felt a bit awkward about it, but she readily agreed to do it. And then she won! Overall, I was nervous to ask her, but glad that we were able to have a conversation, and get to know her better!

Rejection Day #24: Ride in a Police Car

This challenge was something that we tried to do on day one. Every time I saw a police car without a police officer in it, I would wait around to see if they came. Finally, we decided that we had to go down to the station in order to find someone who is driving a police car, and the car not just sitting around. This rejection challenge probably made me laugh the most. I asked the head officer sitting at the front desk if I could ride in a police car. 

He looked me at and then told me no. Then he thought about it more, laughed, and told me no again. I could of just lived with one no. But, then he told me if I saw a police man/woman out in the community that they might let me do it if they weren't in a big hurry.

Rejection Day #23: Pump A Stranger's Gas Tank

This challenge was part of His Radio's. This was probably the most awkward of all 30 rejection challenges. The man could tell we were filming something and I think it made him very nervous, which made me nervous. He didn't seem to be super happy about it at all, but he let me pump his gas. I explained to him afterwards that it was part of a rejection challenge.

I think this challenge would of gone a lot better if I had approached him on my own with a hidden camera versus it being super obvious what it was. I was also talking to the radio station during it rather than interacting with him, which I tend to prefer. I've come to discover that you have a higher chance of a yes if you interact more with the person who you are requesting the favor from.

Rejection Day 22: Test Drive an Expensive Car

I had no idea how this challenge would go. I know that you can go into car dealers and ask to test drive. But I don't drive an expensive car, so I wasn't sure if they background check you first, or simply just tell you no. We met a guy named Bob, who helped us through the whole process. We ended up test driving a very expensive car, which made me nervous! 

Bob was so great and also tried to sell us the car like crazy. He spent a lot of time showing us all the features and how the car works. I was ready to get out of that expensive car and not be worried about messing it up. 

Overall, I was really nervous. But once we started to test drive it and get to know Bob I was less stressed out. And I was glad it wasn't a no!

Rejection Day #21: Pet a Pig

My neighbors have a pig, which is crazy. I run a 3 mile loop in my neighborhood, so, sometimes I run past their house and see their pig just chilling outside. I figured there would be no harm in asking if I could go up and pet the pig. I could see my neighbor looking from the window as we started to walk up the driveway. Before I could even finish my question, she was already giving me a yes.

I had a feeling that I may not get rejected simply because her pig was out in broad daylight, and I can only imagine the amount of people who ask her if they can see her pig. It was great to meet my neighbor and to pet her sweet pig. She gave us some background on him and where he sleeps at night. It seriously made me want to get a pig of my own!

Rejection Day #20: Be the Chickfila Cow

This was the top vote from His Radio's listeners. I went in and ordered a drink and then asked if I could wear the cow costume. The girl was new on the job, so she wasn't sure if that was possible. She asked another worker who told me a big fat no. I wasn't super crushed because I figured that it would likely to be a no. Plus, they were super kind about it.

I wasn't too nervous about this challenge mainly because Chickfila always has such great customer service.


Rejection Day #19: Eat Breakfast with Uber Driver

I partnered with His Radio for three rejection challenges, which was super fun! They had me on the radio and asked people to vote on top three choices which were: be chickfila cow, eat with my uber driver, and pump someone's gas. 

I hopped on the radio and then got called an uber driver. I could not of asked for a better uber driver. LaTressa was so easy to talk to and really kind. I started to explain that the radio station was going to call once we got to chickfila. So, I waited until we were at the Chickfila and I asked if she'd want to eat breakfast with me, which is readily said yes!

It turned out not to be a rejection and I got to know LaTressa who was truly the best. I wish she could be my uber driver no matter where I go!

Rejection Day #18: Tour a Food Truck

I flew out to CA for a speaking gig, so I wasn't sure it I was going to be able to squeeze in the rejection challenge with how busy I was. However, my friend and I went to a carnival, which was a gold mine of opportunity. I decided that I would see if a food truck would let me tour the inside of their truck. I tried to order from California Pizza Kitchen, but they were out of everything I could eat.

I still used the opportunity to ask him if I could go inside the back of the truck. He said yes, which surprised me! So I took a peak inside the back of the truck and waved at the workers inside. He also explained that it was the only food truck within all of CPK, which I thought was very interesting.

Overall, I was slightly nervous, but turned out to be a YES!


Rejection Day #17: Take a Nap at Mattress Store

This was probably one of the funniest challenges I did. I went into the store and looked around for awhile as I waited for the manager to come talk to me. I asked if it'd be okay to take a nap on one of the beds. He replied back telling me that that's what they want us to do at the store. I was a little surprised, but also thankful that it wasn't a rejection.

We tested out some beds, laid in them for an awkwardly long time, and listened to a very long sales pitch. I felt a tiny bit bad because he kept trying to sell to us and we clearly weren't going to be buying a bed. 

Overall, Christopher, the sales manager, was super kind, and it was one of the easiest challenges. So, next time you need a nap---Mattress Firm is the place to go!


Rejection Day #16: Buy Fruit ONLY at a Smoothie Shop

My first challenge had involved a smoothie shop and I knew now that I could't go behind the counter. However, I thought it'd be interesting to see if they would let me buy just the fruit rather than a smoothie. I went up to the cashier and asked her, to which, she gave a very confused look. She went and asked someone else working at the store, who told me that the fruit alone did not taste very good. I was a little surprised they admitted to that information.

They said yes I could have just the fruit. They never actually gave me a little bowl of fruit, so I wondered if we had miscommunicated on that. Overall, it wasn't too nerve-racking of a challenge.

Rejection Day # 15: Ride a Bike Inside a Store

This rejection challenge ended up being the most fun one. I'm a big rule follower so I've never rode a bike inside a store. I don't even think I did it when I was actually purchasing a bike as a child. We asked someone named April who told us it was only her third day on the job. She wasn't sure what the rules were and she decided to play it safe. So she took us over to a manager, who said it was absolutely no problem riding the bike around as one as we didn't run people over.

I felt like quite a rebel riding the bike around the store, but it was fun! We had some good laughs as I had a hard time making it around corners and was super nervous about running someone over! 

Rejection Day #14: Bag Groceries at Supermarket!

This challenge I was certainly expected a big fat no because I feel like you have to have some sort of training on bagging groceries. I went up to one of the store managers and asked if it'd be okay to bag groceries. He asked me what for, which most people hadn't in the past. I told him for fun/to be nice because I didn't want to sway their mind by telling him about the rejection challenge. He said yes, and then I explained to him that I was trying to get rejected to learn to be better about it. We talked about the movie "Yes Man" which is about a guy who starts saying yes to things and gets the life he wants.

I got to bag a sweet lady's groceries who was a good sport about the whole thing!

Rejection Day #13: Spin The Wheel at Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune came to town and my best friend wanted to go audition. I agreed to go and asked her to film me doing a rejection challenge during it. We both put our names into the bin to be picked at random to audition, which was unrelated to get a rejection. Surprisingly, I actually got picked. They asked me to motivate the people when I told them I was a motivational speaker, so that was fun!

Then after it was over, I asked if I could spin the actual wheel from the Wheel of Fortune. Sadly, they said no. I can't really blame them because they wouldn't want everyone on the stage doing all sorts of things as they were trying to tear the whole stage down. So I respected that, said thank you, and went on my way!

Rejection Day #12: Create a Donut

I absolutely LOVED this rejection challenge and was super surprised with how it turned out. I went into Krispy Kreme and asked one of the managers if he'd be willing to custom create a donut for it. He seemed super willing and got out a pen and paper and drew a picture. I asked him to design a four leaf clover. He got right to work and showed us a few rough drafts. Once he made one that I loved, he went back and added coffee stirring sticks to make sure it stayed together. 

I was amazed at his dedication to make it perfect. He didn't love the end product. It wasn't out of this world, but his customer service certainly was! He even gave it to me for free which blew me away. He said it was his gift to me and thanked me for asking him to create it.

Wow, wow, wow! It was the best NOT rejection thus far.

Rejection Day #11: Be a Live Mannequin

This was a fun rejection challenge to try! Every time I would take kids to Old Navy they would all want to pet the plastic dog in the display area. I went up to the counter and said if I could be a live mannequin and stay with all the plastic people and dog. I'm fairly positive the lady thought I was beyond crazy, but I didn't mind one bit! 

So I stood in the display area while a few people came in and I just smiled at them. I purposely wore Old Navy clothes so that I would blend in better. People gave me some odd looks, but I was just grateful that it wasn't a NO!