Rejection Day #17: Take a Nap at Mattress Store

This was probably one of the funniest challenges I did. I went into the store and looked around for awhile as I waited for the manager to come talk to me. I asked if it'd be okay to take a nap on one of the beds. He replied back telling me that that's what they want us to do at the store. I was a little surprised, but also thankful that it wasn't a rejection.

We tested out some beds, laid in them for an awkwardly long time, and listened to a very long sales pitch. I felt a tiny bit bad because he kept trying to sell to us and we clearly weren't going to be buying a bed. 

Overall, Christopher, the sales manager, was super kind, and it was one of the easiest challenges. So, next time you need a nap---Mattress Firm is the place to go!