Rejection Day #29: Help Restock Shelves

This rejection challenge took an interesting turn. I went over to Whole Foods to ask if I could help restock a shelf. They asked me why, so I told them I was doing acts of kindness. I felt a little bit bad because that wasn't the full truth. But I speak on kindness and fear is the reason more people don't do acts of kindness, so this rejection challenge was a catalyst as a result. April, who we asked, went and got a manager. The manager explained that we had to be employed in order to be restocking since we could get hurt on the job. 

They offered to let me bag groceries instead. It really made me think about this concept that some times a no turns into something else. They didn't flat out tell me no, but said: no, but you can do this instead. We, too often, get tunnel vision that we can't see anything outside of that one main goal, that we miss out on other opportunities.

I wasn't bummed at all that it was a no. I was grateful for the lesson I learned in the middle of it!