Rejection Day #12: Create a Donut

I absolutely LOVED this rejection challenge and was super surprised with how it turned out. I went into Krispy Kreme and asked one of the managers if he'd be willing to custom create a donut for it. He seemed super willing and got out a pen and paper and drew a picture. I asked him to design a four leaf clover. He got right to work and showed us a few rough drafts. Once he made one that I loved, he went back and added coffee stirring sticks to make sure it stayed together. 

I was amazed at his dedication to make it perfect. He didn't love the end product. It wasn't out of this world, but his customer service certainly was! He even gave it to me for free which blew me away. He said it was his gift to me and thanked me for asking him to create it.

Wow, wow, wow! It was the best NOT rejection thus far.