Rejection Day #10: Take A Canvas Off the Wall

This rejection challenge was likely my most favorite one. I got some press from rejection day #2 which was have a hula hoop contest with a stranger. Thanks to Malcolm for saying yes! So, I started getting calls from local news outlets. One of them was a favorite radio station, G105. I went into their studio to simply do a radio interview about Malcolm and Target. They dared me to do a challenge right there in their office. 

I had seen a really fun canvas of Taylor Swift hanging in the lobby. I asked who I'd need to ask in order to take the canvas home. They had me ask the lady who orders the canvas and she wasn't sure. So she sent me over to ask the heads of G105. He seemed a bit caught off guard by all of us bombarding into his office space. But I asked, and he said YES! I carried a 3 foot long canvas of Taylor Swift singing during an I Heart Radio fest, which is now proudly displayed on my wall at home!